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Life That Kills
 1. Land Of Lakes (preview, 1.0Mb)
 2. Chains Of Tyranny (preview, 1.1Mb)
 3. The Verge of Extinction (preview, 1.0Mb)
 4. Pariah (preview, 1.0Mb)
 5. In Articulo Mortis (preview, 1.0Mb)
 6. Arm of the Invisible (preview, 1.0Mb)
 7. Misery (4.4Mb, preview, 1.0Mb)
 8. Exalted Liar (preview, 1.0Mb)
 9. Voice of Eternity (preview, 1.3Mb)
10. Life That Kills (1.4Mb, preview, 1.0Mb)
Faces of Vice
 1. Hymn to My Dying Land (3,171 Kb, preview, 1.2Mb)
 2. Patriot Games (preview, 1.2Mb)
 3. Pariah (brutal edit) (preview, 1.2Mb)
 4. Land of Lakes (preview, 1.2Mb)
The Unbroken
 1. Masquerade Of Piety (preview, 1.2Mb)
2. The Unbroken (preview, 1.2Mb)
3. Dogs Of Justice (preview, 1.2Mb)
4. Land Of Lakes (3,610 Kb, preview, 1.2Mb)
5. Vicious Circle (preview, 1.2Mb)
6. Exalted Liar (preview, 1.2Mb)
 7. Theodore's Song (6,230 Kb, preview, 1.2Mb)
8. Who Are These Men? (4,843 Kb, preview, 1.2Mb)
9. Patriot Games (preview, 1.2Mb)
10. Polka (preview, 1.2Mb)
11. Final Chapter (preview, 1.2Mb)
12. Verge Of Extinction (preview, 1.2Mb)
13. Pariah (preview, 1.2Mb)
Messiah… Isn't It Me?
1. Intro
2. Messiah… Isn't It Me? (5,447 Kb, preview, 1.2Mb)
3. Dancing On The Ledge (preview, 1.2Mb)
4. Divine Contract (preview, 1.2Mb)
5. Capriccio In G-Moll Per Violino Ed Basso Guitarra (3,612 Kb, preview, 1.2Mb)
Forbidden Tunes
1. Forbidden Tunes (4,085 Kb, preview, 1.2Mb)
2. Lost Generation (4,741 Kb, preview, 1.2Mb)
3. Get Stripped! (preview, 1.2Mb)
4. Hurt (4,897 Kb, preview, 1.2Mb)
5. Requiem To Innocence (5,374 Kb, preview, 1.2Mb)
6. Messiah… Isn't It Me? (preview, 1.2Mb)
7. Let It Burn (preview, 1.2Mb)
8. Dancing On The Ledge (preview, 1.2Mb)
9. Vogue™ (preview, 1.2Mb)
10. Breath Of Life (preview, 1.2Mb)
11. Stigmata (preview, 1.2Mb)
Freedom Comes
1. Dress Me Black (preview, 1 Mb)
2. Bang The Drum (preview, 1 Mb)
3. Freedom Comes (preview, 1 Mb)
4. Another Hero ( preview, 1 Mb)
5. The Man With Heart of Gold (preview, 1 Mb)
6. My Cryel Mirror (preview, 1 Mb)
7. Dreaming (preview, 1 Mb)
8. Hellbound (preview, 1 Mb)
9. A Day To Feel Alive (preview, 1 Mb)
10. For The Last Time (preview, 1 Mb)
11. Rock You Up! (preview, 1 Mb)