Vicious Crusade: The Unbroken
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Life That Kills
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Faces Of Vice
Айчына (сингл)
The Unbroken Перевод
The Unbroken
Isn't It Me?
Перевод Messiah…
Isn't It Me?
Перевод Forbidden
Freedom Comes Перевод Freedom Comes
(Lyrics by Dm. Basik, Al. Vertel)

They accused you of your sins. They showed you the right way to go. Haven't you noticed the rot under their masks of piety?

Saint with holy stings
Halo and angel wings.
Light! The masquerade begins.
You are ideal hailed
The code that has prevailed,
The judge to blame me of my sins.
Why do you chase me?
Why d'you disgrace me?
Why want to see me hurt?
Or you see in me your mockingbird?

You are the one who is always on right side,
You are the one who is always the wise guide,
You are the judge who has right to accuse me,
You are the god to behold and excuse me
Ready to blame everything but your old sins,
Blaming my words but ignoring your own stings,
Putting me wise as if you know the right way,
You spit in my eyes as you see that just like me
[You're] sinner under mask of saint!

Saint! The righteous man,
You play your game again,
You slake denunciation thirst.
See mote — no beam descry,
Fault's bigger in brother's eye,
Why not you sweep you porch clean first?

What I must, what I may,
What's to hail, to dismay,–
What should I think, what should I say —
You «put me wise» and I obey,
Your turn to crucify,
Next time it will be mine.
You're sinner just like me
On masquerade of piety…

(Lyrics by Dm. Basik & Al. Vertel)

Beat us — we will stand. Burn us — we'll survive. For you know, you can kill everything but freedom.

Beat me — I will stand,
Burn me — I'll survive,
I fight for my land —
One won't stop my strive!

Standing hand in hand,
Led by fathers' faith,
We fight for our land
That won't stand disgrace!

I have seen the hordes
Conquering my land.
Saw how my home burnt — I did.
Felt the shackles' weight
Bow me to the ground.
Heard the moan of death
Trying to fright me.

See me lie in dirt
See me on my knees,
But won't see me lose
My faith!
Kill me but my land
Won't kneel in disgrace.
You can't stop the fight —
Fight for homeland!

(Lyrics by Dm. Basik)

You have seen them many times. You have felt their bites. Are you going to let them bite you once again?..

Unleashed the dogs of state,
Time to decide the fates.
Order's barked — come on the track,
Teeth barred for attack…
Arm of the law, he's order's seal.
Be humble to his just will.
Don't contradict, don't say a word —
You're nothing and he's mighty god!

I am the law, I am the whore,
I'm servant to the one who pays me more.
I am the judge, I am the god,
So don't contradict to the dogs of justice!

The hero of the street.
The stamp of truncheon's treat.
The system's faceless worm.
Mad dog in uniform!
So brave to shoot at armless crowd -
Ain't it good reason to be proud?
To beat a child won't flinch the hand -
You are so strong! The real man!

I am the law, I am the whore,
I'm servant to the one who pays me more.
I am the judge, I am the god,
So don't contradict to the dogs of justice!
Unleashed the hunt — so run aside —
Here come defenders of the human rights,
Here rules the law, the truncheon's law,
So fawn upon the king and his dogs of justice!

«They serve the justice», you believe —
Don't be so artless so naive,
The crimes of state they'll never see,
They guard the state from you and me!
No — we don't need these laws!
No — we don't need these dogs!
No — we don't need this state!
That turns us into slaves!

(Lyrics by Dm. Basik)

She bereaved your heart. You sought love but have seen nothing but cruelty. But She is still your Mother… and your fate.

Here I am uncouth and wild,
Here I am tolerant and mild,
Look at me, your neglected child,
My hard-hearted land of lakes.

You gave me birth but drained my soul,
You cut my wings and let me fall,
Where are you, can't you hear my call,
Oh my callous land of lakes?

You bereaved my heart, shut up in jail,
You took my home to put up for sale,
Where is your love, will it prevail
In my cruel land of lakes?

You never showed you needed me,
You never loved and will never be,
You've killed your child can't you see,
My dear mother, my land of lakes?

Hey-ho, born to be your child,
Hey-ho, living through the aches,
Hey-ho, born to be your child,
I hail you land of lakes!

(Lyrics by Dm. Basik & Al. Vertel)

It blinds your mind, it calls you to step inside. Once you get there, you never escape. Are you sure you are not trapped within this circle already?

I can see nothing through my blurried sight…
Just hear the pain growling from inside…
I feel the needle tapping my vein…
I try to drop it but hear it calls again!
And I am master, ruler in my own world,
I am the judge and jury, I reign and behold,
No one to chase me, sue me, hunt for my soul
In perfect world of mine…
What is that shadow crawling to me from the mist?
Or is it mirror, my reflection turned to beast?
What are these voices turning to the chilling scream?
Is it reality or is it just a dream?

They say they will cure it.
They say «he'll endure it»
They've done it thousand times before.
Locked up — no temptation, kept in isolation,
They say «The beast will come no more!»

But someday doors are opened,
Someday [he'll] cherish hope and
Someday he'll resist no more.
And drop licks the needle,
Veins burn in fiddle —
He's gone to rule his «perfect» world.

And it rolls…
And it calls…
Now it's closed —
Vicious Circle…

I can see nothing through my blurried sight…
Just hear the pain growling from inside…
I feel the needle tapping my vein…
I try to drop it but hear it calls again…

(Lyrics by Dm. Basik)

You have voted for him. You have shed your blood for him. Now you suffer for him, but aren't you the one who created him?

Hypocrite, public cheat,
The one for seat, votes' hunter.
Nose to the wind I please them all - stay afloat,
I'm your friend until you fall — your defeat's my gloat.
Ignore the moral and betray the vows you made —
Fair is the faul play if makes the grade.

Lie is every word you say,
Lie — your guide on vile way,
Lie — success of your career,
Lie — so barefaced so clear.

Rancour's while, the endless guile,
Bloody style, brawl for power.
Vote for me, trust my lie, blind defender.
I'll send your sons on war to die for my grandeur.
Sow dissension in the nation, despondency.
Make you hunger in privation, misery.
Raped the trust, eyes in dust,
Time of lust, liars elections.
Choice is made, you vote for lie — exaltation.
See you proudly glorify his domination.
Cheated by his scurvy show, weak-willed fool.
Bow bondservant to your foe, be proud he rules.

(Lyrics by Dm. Basik & Al. Vertel)

Once it was your pride. Now it is your disgrace. Isn't it your roots that you disdain?

In cold ground here I lay,
Here for hundreds years I stayed,
In black raven lived my soul,
And in streams my blood did flow.
I'm the warrior, I died
For the proud land of mine,
I'm the spirit of the past
Which my scions turned to dust…

Oh, let my spirit rise!
Let it rise high to heaven.
Oh, let my spirit fly!
Let it fly free as raven!
Oh, let my spirit raise
Raise nation from its chains,
Oh, let my nation praise
Roots that it now disdains!

And my children turned to slaves,
Born for glory — kept in caves,
Long forgotten is father's faith,
Outlandish yoke they praised!
Is that what we struggled for,
Gave our lives and shed our gore?
How that enslaved land I see
Calls itself mighty and free?!

Wake me, wake me!
Raise me, raise me!
Free me, free me!
Can't you hear me?

(Lyrics by Dm. Basik)

You have seen them fighting in the streets. You have seen them ruining their destinies. Do you know they do it for you?

Who are these men marching on streets
Under the flags of my land?
Confronting the state, the state of the jails,
Standing for freedom's defend?
Clenched are the fists, resist in the minds
And flame in the heart burns bright.
Nothing will stop these men on the streets —
For nation, for freedom, for homeland they fight!

Raised from the ashes,
Born by years of grief,
Brought up by pain,
And the true belief.
Forged in the jails,
Firmed by truncheons' beats,
We are the men revolting on the streets!

Who are these men hunted by law,
Standing the truncheons' beats rain?
Putting at stake their fates and their lives,
Despising the bites of the pain?
Who are these men marching on streets
With flags of the glory and grace?
No man will forbid, no truncheon defeat
The men of unshakable faith!

(Lyrics by M. Schur, Dm. Basik, Al. Vertel)

You killed your enemy today. This time it was your brother. Was the game worth such a sacrifice?

Mi rival, ¿quién eres tú que me has hecho tu blanco?
¿Quiér llenó tu espíritu de este rencor a tu hermano?
Eres un carnívoro perro feroz de tus amos
Querra es, su interés, que tú y yo detestamos.

Lofty aims… humanity…
Hypocritical fighting for seat.
Empowered nonenties,
How sweet your insolent deceit!
(Mean deceit)
Benefactors with swears' bait,
Stuck on the hook of civil war.
Spawn of vipers, sowing hate,
Your power's bought by nation's gore.
Patriot games — what are they for?
Patriot games — I want them no more!

Títere de imbéciles, tú quemaste la casa.
¿Qué te dió tu ciego dios por comenzar esta caza?
Voy a ser tu víctima, puede ser tú serás mía,
El final será igual: una mortal agonía…

Patriot games — what are they for?
Patriot games — I don't need no more!

(Lyrics by Dm. Basik)

They tried to make him knuckle down. They tried to bend him to the ground. But he's still standing, proud child that he is!

Look at me decrepit old man,
Bent by hundred years weight,
Beaten many times by whims of fate.
From the dawn until the sunset
Worked like dog for daily bread —
Crust and water were all that I had!

And I am hey-hough child of this land.
And I will hey-hough live here all my life.
And I am hey-hough child of this land.
And I will hey-hough live here till I die!

Greedy priests and cruel landlords
Tried to make me knuckle down,
Tried to bend me to the cold ground.
But I still stand though bent by years
Like I've been standing all my life —
Proud child I am still alive!
They tried to make me knuckle down,
They tried to bend me to the ground,
They beat and chased me all my life,
But I'm still standing still alive!

(Lyrics by Dm. Basik)

Life is a book. Every next page is another step to the end. The page you are turning may be the beginning of the final chapter. Remember that…

What is my life?
The gift of god?
Or is it curse, the endless rod?
What is my faith?
The light ahead
Or is it ravings of the mad?

Now cold night's embracing me,
My bleeding eyes won't see,
And mist will never set me free —
Oh where are you to stand by me?

What is my strive?
Oh, will I win?
Or will I lose in everything?
What is the strap
I proudly hail?
Will I survive or will I fail?

Where is my love, my only one?
Oh, who's to tell me why it's gone?
Where are my friends?
They didn't stay,
They took my soul then did betray…

Take me, hold me, help me —
Tell me who I am!
Touch me, hold me, save me —
Tell me where I am!

Hold me — oh, hold me tight!
Help me — I can't see the light!
Take me — and set me free!
Save me — please stand by me!

(lyrics by D. Basik & Al. Gladysh)

The voices of riots, overflowed with hate,
Returning to life tell the truth,
The tongues of indictment,
Nailed to history's gate,
Revenge for inflicted abuse.
The mutinous souls, once refused to submit,
Find peace and release,
And cut off throats of the prophets accrete,
Appealing to progenies.

Marching on the verge of extinction,
Marching on the arms of revolt.

The heroes of the senseless massacres
Get to the dump of time,
And the masters of the human circus
Encourage another crime.
Through the centuries of the affliction and pain
Rises rage breaking chains on its way,
And the crucified dream, reviving again,
Calls fevered minds to fray.


(lyrics by Dmitry Basik)

With dismay you meet the rising dawn,
Tired of the endless roam,
You've lost your way and there is no return
To the place you long ago called home.
With a burnt out soul and broken will,
After years of pain you've suffered through,
With every freedom-loving breath they'd kill,
There's nothing left of the real you

Blind to your pain, deaf to all the words you say,
Never even cared to take you as you are,
Crippling your life, treated you like nasty stray,
Refused to be their slave, you're labeled pariah.

Life has passed, and all is gone,
And bleeding mind no longer cares,
And only labeled heart and crown of thorns
Still bring you back in your nightmares…

Living in the hell they proudly call society,
Burning with the hate they've sown in your heart,
Trying to retain your life grain of sanity,
Which let you be yourself which stamps you pariah.

I've got no heart, I've got no thoughts, I've got no face,
I suffocate, I can't tear out from your embrace,
And day by day, through all my life I obey your will,
I'm just the one among the crowd you slowly kill.